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License Management

Dealing with license agreements for embedded software tools can be complex and time-consuming, and can rob engineers of valuable time and focus. With JORAL's License Manager Program, our service continues throughout the lifetime of your license, so your engineering teams can focus on design work, not on licensing administration details.

How does JORAL's License Manager Program support your software engineering team? We:

  • manage all your software licenses from all suppliers.
  • track your license renewal dates.
  • notify you of all new product releases for your software.
  • identify opportunities for consolidating licenses and prorating renewals so that all renewals occur on the same date.
  • provide you with temporary licenses for short-term projects.
  • locate technical support. When you have a problem with software purchased through JORAL, we'll help you find answers, and make sure you're getting the technical support you've paid for.
  • help you get back up and running quickly if you misplace your license numbers during computer upgrades or when employees leave.
  • interpret and manage your contractual obligations.
  • move intellectual property and licenses from one project to another.


JORAL's License Manager Program takes care of all of this for you, saving valuable engineering time and money.

For more information on JORAL's License Manager Program, call 613-258-9683 or 1-877-380-3366 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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