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Project Description

AbsInt provides advanced development tools for embedded systems, and tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software.

aiT automatically computes tight upper bounds for the worst-case execu­tion time of tasks in real-time systems. It direct­ly analyzes bina­ry execut­ables and takes cache and pipe­line behavior into account. No testing or measuring is necessary, the analysis results hold for all in­puts and execu­tion scena­rios. Special kits simpli­fy the quali­fica­tion for DO-178C, ISO 26262, and other safety stan­dards.

StackAnalyzer automatically determines the worst-case stack usage of the tasks in embed­ded appli­cations. It directly ana­lyzes binary execut­ables and considers all possible execution scenarios. Tight inte­gration with TargetLink and SCADE is avail­able, as well as qualifi­cation kits for standards such as ISO 26262, DO-178B, and IEC 61508.

Astrée automatically proves the absence of runtime errors and invalid con­­current behavior in C appli­ca­tions. It is sound for floating-point compu­tations, very fast, and excep­tionally precise. The analyzer also checks for MISRA coding rules and supports quali­fi­cation for ISO 26262, DO-178C level A, and other safety standards. Jenkins and Eclipse plugins are available.

CompCert is a formally verified optimizing C com­piler for safety-critical and mission-critical soft­ware. Unlike any other produc­tion compiler, it is mathe­ma­tic­ally proven to be exempt from mis­compila­tion issues. Such confi­dence in the correct­ness of the compila­tion process is un­prece­dent­ed and helps meet the highest levels of soft­ware assurance.

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