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KEIL MDK-ARM Version 5.24 Released

Friday, 30 June 2017 03:25

Software Update for Part Numbers MDK-ARM-ES, MDK-PLUS and MDK-PRO.


  • [Software Packs included]
    • ARM - CMSIS 5.0.1 same as in MDK - Version 5.23.
    • Keil - MDK Middleware 7.4.1
      • Updated the FileSystem Component to version 6.9.8.
        • Added: for memory cards connected via SPI a bus frequency adaptation algorithm is implemented.
        • Enhanced: debug messaging for Event Recorder.
      • Updated the USB Component to version 6.11.0.
        • Added: support for ARMCLANG compiler version 6.
        • USB Host
          • Corrected: enumeration of USB HID devices which stall SetIdle request.
        • USB Device
          • Added: Mass Storage Class support for multiple Logical Units (up to 4).
      • Updated the Network Component to version 7.5.0.
        • Added: support for IPv4 fragmentation and reassembly.
        • Added: configurable MTU parameter at runtime.
    • Keil - ARM Compiler Extensions 1.3.1
      • Updated SCVD examples to build without warnings for use with ARMCLANG compiler.
      • Updated SCVD Event Recorder documentation.
  • [Target debugging]
    • Updated: Nuvoton NULink debug driver to version 2.01.6592.
    • Updated: P&E Micro debug driver to version 6.42.
    • Updated: Segger J-Link debug driver to version 6.16c adding support for ARMv8-M based devices.
    • Updated: STMicroelectronics ST-LINK debug driver to version adding support for ST-Link V3.
  • [uVision updated to V5.24.1.0]
    • Updated: Feature map of the MDK Editions are reflected by the product i.e.:
      • Introduction of MDK Essential superseding MDK Cortex-M.
      • MDK Plus supporting secure mode application development and debug of Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 based devices.
    • Added: Source Browse information is now available in project targets using ARM Compiler 6:
      • Information is generated dynamically, does not require a successful project build and is updated as the source code is edited.
      • While the source code is processed, the status bar displays: Creating Browse Information ….
    • Improved: Source Browser window redesign for better usability for project targets using the ARM Compiler 6.
    • Improved: Dynamic Syntax Checker for project targets using the ARM Compiler 6:
      • Warning level configured for the build is also considered by dynamic syntax checking.
      • Warning and Errors are now consistent with the build output window.
    • Added: ARM Compiler 6 warning level MISRA Compatible suppressing compiler warnings contradicting MISRA rules. Warning level Moderate Warnings got renamed to AC5-like Warnings.
    • Improved: PC-Lint setup:
      • separate configuration settings for C and C++ modules.
      • the generated lint command files are stored in the output folder configured for object files.
    • Extended: the ARM-Compiler version selection in Options for Target dialog adds the option to select the latest installed version of ARM Compiler 5 and ARM Compiler 6.
    • Improved: the MDK-ARM installer creates a backup of the TOOLS.ini file in case an existing installation folder is used.
  • [Supported Operating Systems]



To download the latest Update and view the Release Notes:

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