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Dealing with license agreements for embedded software tools can be complex and time-consuming, and can rob engineers of valuable time and focus. With JORAL's License Manager Program, our service continues throughout the lifetime of your license, so your engineering teams can focus on design work, not on licensing administration details. Read more.

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AbsInt Failure Notice: Astrée for C

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 01:35

Problem Description:

When using the option 'separate-function', the analyzer may underestimate the possible value ranges of some local variables. As a result, it may fail to report possible run-time errors.

ARM Compiler Version 6.8.0 Released

Thursday, 27 July 2017 03:20

Release notes for ARM Compiler 6.8

1. Introduction

ARM Compiler 6.8 adds:

  • Assembler support for the dot product instructions in ARMv8.2-A and ARMv8.3-A.
  • Support for Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75.
  • Support for additional features that aid migration from armcc, including #pragma clang section and the __unaligned keyword.

ARM Compiler has been used for many years in safety-related applications
across a wide range of verticals, including automotive, medical, industrial,
avionics and railway. To simplify and accelerate the development of
safety-certified systems by our customers, ARM offers a comprehensive safety
package for the ARM Compiler C/C++ toolchain. The package provides customers
with confidence-building evidence for the toolchain justification argument and,
in many cases, can eliminate the need for any further toolchain qualification
effort. It is available on selected, externally-certified branches of ARM
Compiler and includes safety manual, development process document, test and
defect reports, TÜV SÜD certificate with assessment reports and long term
support and maintenance contract option. The first safety package for our most
efficient toolchain, ARM Compiler 6, has been released.

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