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C51 Version 9.59 Release

[New Supported Devices] Silabs EFM8UB30F40G_QFN20, EFM8UB31F40G_QFN24, EFM8UB31F40G_QSOP24, Weltrend WT51F116, WT51F108, and WT51F104. [AX51 Macro Assembler] Corrected: [...]

C51 Version 9.59 Release 2018-05-22T18:04:43+00:00

C251 Version 5.60 Release

[C251 Compiler] Corrected: enum value gets silently truncated. Example: enum E { [...]

C251 Version 5.60 Release 2018-05-22T17:59:22+00:00

C166 Version 7.57 Release

[A166 Macro Assembler] Corrected: sometimes broken object files if multiple A166 run [...]

C166 Version 7.57 Release 2018-05-22T17:55:11+00:00

MDK-ARM Version 5.25

[uVision updated to V5.25.2] New: System Analyzer shows relevant execution information over time in [...]

MDK-ARM Version 5.25 2018-04-23T19:48:50+00:00