Do you have to certify according to DO178B/C or IEC 60880?

  • Are you developing a safety-critical application?
  • Do you have to certify according to DO178B/C or IEC 60880?
  • Do you disable compiler optimizations for safety reasons, running into resource problems as a result?
  • Do you wish to reduce your testing effort at the executable object level?

If your answer to any of these is “yes”, the CompCert compiler might be of interest to you.

compcertWhat is CompCert?

CompCert is the only production compiler that is formally verified, using machine-assisted math­ematical proofs, to be free of miscompilation issues. The code it pro­duces is proved to behave exactly as specified by the semantics of the original source C program.

The code optimizations are formally verified as well. You can now significantly improve your application’s performance, as you no longer have to switch off optimizations for safety reasons.

The testing effort at the binary-executable level can be reduced, as any safety properties verified on the source code automatically hold for the generated executable.

In November 2017, CompCert was successfully qualified according to IEC 60880, category A, and IEC 61508-3:2010, SCL 3 for a certification project in the nuclear energy domain.

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