AbsInt launches a new product called TimeWeaver

TimeWeaver is an analysis tool to bound the worst-case execution time (WCET) by combining static path analysis and static value analysis with real-time instruction-level tracing. This approach works for a wide range of modern high-performance (multi-core) processors, which are not statically timing-predictable any more, e.g., multi-core processors where inter-core interferences cannot be prevented or controlled in a satisfactory way, or where the available documentation is insufficient to build a static timing model.

TimeWeaver is non-intrusive. It needs no code instrumentation distorting timing measurements. It leverages embedded trace units of modern embedded processors (Nexus 5001, CoreSight ETM, …) to observe program flow. Interference effects (access delays to shared resources) included in the traces are taken into account. The analysis results include the computed WCET bound, the time-critical path(s), and coverage information. They provide valuable feedback for assessing system safety, improving trace coverage, and for optimizing (worst-case) performance.

With TimeWeaver, AbsInt expands its range of timing tools consisting of the aiT WCET Analyzer and TimingProfiler:

  • aiT stat­i­cally computes tight upper bounds for the worst-​case execution time of tasks on timing-predictable single-core and multicore processors. aiT di­rectly analyzes binary ex­e­cut­ables and takes the intrinsic cache and pipe­line behavior into account. The bounds are guaranteed to hold for every possible execution scenario.
  • TimingProfiler statically computes worst-case execution time estimates to constantly moni­tor timing behavior during software devel­opment with the least possible overhead. TimingProfiler is particularly well-suited for model-based development.

Free 30-day trial
To download a free copy of Astrée, fill out and sign the license agreement form (PDF) and email or fax it to us.Astrée runs under 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux. The trial version is technically identical to the full com­mercial version in every respect, but your license file will expire after 30 days.

If you have any questions before trying demo or would like to schedule an ONLINE tool demonstration, please let us know.


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