ARM DS-5 Version 5.28.0 Released

This is a summary of the new features and other major changes in this release:

Arm Compiler

  • Updated Arm Compiler 6 to version 6.9 and Arm Compiler 5 to version 5.06u6, adding support for latest processors, optimizations and bug fixes

DS-5 Debugger

  • Added support for debugging systems implementing Armv8.4-A extensions
  • Added Operating System awareness for Wind River VxWorks on Armv7 and Armv8 architecture devices
  • New device support for:
    • 96 Boards HiKey 960
    • Cortex-M Prototyping System (MPS2+) Cortex-M3 DesignStart
    • Cortex-M Prototyping System (MPS3) Cortex-M33 IoT
    • Intel Stratix 10
    • Realtek Real-M200
    • Realtek Real-M300
    • Realtek Real-M500
    • Arm Fixed Virtual Platforms:
      • Base_RevC_2xAEMv8A

Arm Streamline Performance Analyzer

  • Updated Streamline to version 6.5
  • Wizard included to setup using Streamline with Fast Models
  • Streamline Bare-metal support has been improved:
    • Importing of instruction trace into Streamline
    • Transporting Bare-metal trace data over ETM
  • Support for profiling Python scripts and Just In Time (JIT) compiled languages
  • Included example traces to help the user understand how to use Streamline

Simulation models

  • Updated Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) to version 11.2
  • PPU (Power Policy Unit) version 1.1
  • Partial Power Down of L3 Caches now supported in Fast Models with DSU (DynamIQ Shared Unit) capabilities
  • ITM support added to Cortex-M Fast Models

Eclipse IDE

  • Updated Eclipse to version 4.6.3 (Neon)

Mali Graphics Debugger

  • Updated Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) to version 4.8
  • Host side performance improvements making MGD more responsive to the user and reducing overall memory consumption
  • New device manager which allows automated setup of the target
  • Increased the tracing speed of applications and included new trace modes which allows the user to pick which assets get traced
  • Android O support
  • Improved VR functionality by including support for the Multiview extension


  • Added Armv8-A Linux application debug example
  • Added Armv8-A Linux kernel debug example
  • Added Arm Compiler 6 version of TrustZone example
  • Added Arm Compiler 6 version of Cortex-R4, R5 & R7 startup code examples
  • Added timer interrupts into Armv8-A startup code
  • Added Cortex-Axx named versions of Armv8-A example startup code
  • Streamline examples for Linux and barman can now be imported into Eclipse using the DS-5 Example Importer Wizard

Supported host platforms

  • Added Support for Ubuntu Desktop Edition 16.04 LTS