KEIL ULINK-PLUS Special Introductory Offer and Recording of Recent Webinar

Starting December 1st 2017, all new licenses of MDK-Professional and MDK-Plus include a ULINKplus free of charge.

The new ULINKplus debug and trace adapter enables software optimization for ultra-low power applications, test automation, and isolation for high-speed debug and trace of sensitive hardware systems.

This special offer is valid for a limited number of ULINKplus adapters. All new MDK-Professional and MDK-Plus licenses are entitled. It does not apply for updates, upgrades, renewals and other editions of MDK.

ULINKplus connects via JTAG or serial-wire debug (SWD) to the CoreSight debug and trace logic of any Arm Cortex device. It enables power measurement for ultra-low power applications and test automation for continuous integration tests. It offers integrated isolation for testing applications such as motor control, power converters, or systems with sensitive analog processing.

The first video shows how to use MDK debug and trace features with the new ULINKplus debug adapter. It explains the hardware connection to a target, shows the debugger configuration and demonstrates the following MDK features: Live Watch, Component Viewer, Event Recorder, Clock frequency measurement, exceptions and data trace. Video Tutorial 1 of 3

The second video shows how to use the power measurement feature of ULINKplus. It explains the hardware connection to a target, shows the required configuration and demonstrates power measurement using the µVision System Analyzer. Video Tutorial 2 of 3

The last video shows how to use ULINKplus integrated IO pins for test automation. It explains the hardware connection to a target, shows pin configuration in µVision and demonstrates manual and script-based control over the ULINKplus IO pins. Video Tutorial 3 of 3

If you have any questions or need pricing information, please contact 1-877-380-3366 Ext 101